2018 Research Findings

  • Market Opportunities: Campaign Technology

    From our grassroots lens into on-the-ground operations of 80 campaigns, we have identified a set of technically solvable gaps in the campaign ecosystem. This is a good place to start for technologists who are unfamiliar with the political space but who may be trying to get involved and learn more about a typical campaign’s needs.

    Published March 2019

  • Texting Research

    In 2018, over 30 DigiDems Organizers were embedded in campaigns that ran text-messaging programs. This report summarizes results and metrics from some of those campaigns to understand what worked, what didn’t, and identify areas for improvement moving into future campaign cycles.

    Published March 2019

  • RVT Observation

    DigiDems across the country used a variety of Relational Voter Tools. This report focuses on our observations on the operational aspects that impacted the effectiveness of RVT in 2018, and gives advice on how to improve processes for the future.

    Published March 2019

  • Political Tech Vendor: Best Practices

    This document aims to provide a checklist of best practices that all vendors of technology for the campaign industry should deliver. The recommendations should be achievable, even for a venture-backed company with limited staff and resources. The goal is to standardize requirements so National Committees, State Parties, IE Customers and Campaigns can write them into RFPs and contracts and so vendors can anticipate them in product design and delivery.

    Published May 2019