"The incredible talent of our DigiDem boosted our campaign’s operations. With support from the DigiDem organization, we increased the productivity of our team, engaged volunteers more successfully, and saved valuable time and money. Our DigiDem, Ariane, crafted tools to track and communicate with over 700 active volunteers and lead cyber security training for the entire team. Her technical support was invaluable but just as much was the fact that she was a passionate and hard-working teammember. I had a very close race in new territory for Democrats; I know DigiDems helped push us to victory."

- Rep. Katie Porter (CA-45)



"When he first arrived in Iowa, it was clear that we'd benefit from Jason's brilliant career as an engineer; he quickly helped us build reporting systems we hadn't been able to dream of before he showed up. Even more importantly, Jason brought a new perspective  to our team - as someone who'd been a volunteer on campaigns but wasn't a long-time staffer, he had the skills to help improve our program but tackled it from an outsider's perspective. And most of all, Jason just made our team happier and brighter - we were lucky to have his enthusiasm permeate our days!"

-Campaign Manager Janice Rottenburg (IA-CC)



"DigiDems added value to our campaign by providing us with an employee who quickly integrated into our team and focused on a wide variety of projects including digital constituent outreach. She had a significant impact on our office culture and success — when I was forming my DC office, I even hired her onto my staff! I fully recommend DigiDems for other candidates looking to hone the digital and security aspects of their campaigns!"

-Rep. Kaie Hill (CA-25)



"Using technology effectively and securely is more important than ever to running a winning campaign. Digidems is a vital organization that provides critical infrastructure, support and innovative thinking to campaigns and candidates. Their model of embedding  technologists to help solve real problems on the ground helped our team focus on our core goals, saving us time and resources while helping us win. Our Digidem, Alex, was an invaluable member of our team!"

-Rep. Colin Allred (TX-32)